It is said that flamenco is a way of life.


Flamenco - Director's Cut 

We shot Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (Flamenco, la tierra está viva) in southern Spain's "cradle of flamenco," in and near the city of Jerez de la Frontera. Since associate director Antonio de la Malena, a prize-winning singer from Jerez, knows "everyone" in the flamenco world, he ensured that the documentary gives an accurate representation of this passionate art form, and secured the participation of the region's most important performers.

The documentary uses performance, interviews, a narration and other materials to show what traditional flamenco is. It also attempts to contrast it with flamenco fusion so that the viewer will be able to distinguish between the two. Since (in this director's opinion) traditional flamenco is an art form that with great emotional depth, far more (in this director's opinion) than flamenco fusion, we should preserve and nurture it.

SPECS: 1 hr. 40 min., color, HD. In Spanish with English subtitles; has closed captions and comes with 5 min. EXTRA, a guitar solo by Diego del Morao.

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Episode #2: Fish Mongers & More, Gitanos in India

Episode 2 focuses on flamenco's connection with other occupations, such as fishermen, fish mongers, mining, blacksmiths and prisoners in the jails. There is also a section about gitanos' singing in India and in "Mesopotania," halfway between India and Spain.

This episode is enriched by the performance of several flamenco stars, and there is also a section with gitanos singing and making music in India and "Mesopotania." The flamenco performance is by:
la Elu de Jerez - cante (singing),
Manuel de Malena - cante (singing)
Manuel Agujetas cante (singing)
Antonio Agujetas cante (singing)
Jairo Amaya dance

SPECS: A half-hour (27 min.), color, HD. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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As before, the documentary, no matter what version, was shot in southern Spain's Jerez de la Frontera, and combines world-class performance, fascinating interviews, a narration by famous flamenco singer Antonio de la Malena, and other material.

SPECS: Color, HD, produced/directed by Eve A. Ma, in Spanish with English subtitles, has ADA-approved closed captions. Length depends on version you choose (see above)

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Para ti mi cante… que es mi libertad - music album featuring Antonio de la Malena

Antonio de la Malena's double album of flamenco singing (cante), Para ti mi cante… includes 16 tracks for a full two hours of very fine, traditional flamenco. He is accompanied by several fine guitarists: Manuel Parilla, Domingo Rubichi, Malena Hijo and Santiago Moreno.

In addition to alegrias, bulerias and seguiriyas, etc., Malena sings us trilla, serrana, and other less well-known forms. A very complete album that aficionados will appreciate.

Malena is twice winner of best singer in the prestigious, annual Festival de Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera. He tours extensively and has sung solos on every continent except for Australia and Antartica.

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Neck scarves made in Spain by the wife of associate director Antonio de la Malena. Quantities limited, choose your color: two-tone grey, white, grey with gold, blue, pink, and white with brown.